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The In-Person Experience

One-day training sessions include a morning lecture with case presentation, hands-on work with lab models, and the treatment of an actual patient in the afternoon.

Doctors registering for the course may submit models for the treatment patient. This is a good way to learn and have a patient treated for free. Friends, staff, and family members are eligible as patients. Models and photos must be submitted and approved at least two weeks prior to the course date for the treatment kit to be fabricated. The patient will be required to sign an informed consent form. Post-treatment review and discussion to close seminar.

Fee: The cost for on-site training at Dr. Bill’s office is $995 per dentist. The cost for on-site training at your office is $2995 for up to two dentists at your location. For offices with more than two dentists or enterprise practices, licensing agreements are available. 

Please use the online contact form or call 833-688-0020 for scheduling. The online payment portal may be used once matters are agreed upon.


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