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Meet Your Instructor:
Dr. Bill Vuillemot

Dr Bill V invented Injection Bonding for Cosmetic Smile Enhancement in 2001.

He holds the earliest patent related to the process, and 6 more over 20 years for advancements and improvements.

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Two learning options to choose from:

Online, on-demand training
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On-site, in-person training
at your practice or Dr. Bill’s office

Take it step by step

Learning and implementing Injection Bonding may feel challenging at first – but you’re not alone!

Whether you choose the on-demand online course, or a live in-person training session, when you invest in SmileBOND, Dr. Bill invests in you, sharing his time, resources, and expertise throughout the process. 

He will be by your side every step of the way, so that you feel confident and ready for success starting from Day One. 

SmileBOND Workflow

See the full process laid out step-by-step
The SmileBOND training was easy to follow and understand. Dr. Bill's support throughout the process was invaluable. I highly recommend every dentist take this course!
Dr. Bob Smith